I promised myself I’d keep up the diary & lasted for two attempts! Never mind, it’s only for myself. I made some photo files tonight. You never know I might create some kind of order from my nightly plays?!



I have no idea why I called last nights blog that! ah well. Weather really AWFUL today. As my mum would have said it pisitively possed down, all day. Not a bad day health & mood wise. Got my docs appt wrong so was up @ 9am for 10:30, it was 4:50! so had a bit of a wait…Dr Ahmed had his old man’s head on so it was hard going. Anyhoo got the insurance form filled out by Dr Salim. Hope there’s no trouble getting the money back. He seems to have done it as OK as you can a very broad form, talk about one size fits all. Wanted to go to the cemetery to validate daddy’s date of death. When will I get the inscription dome for mum? It must be the “setting it in stone syndrome.” Need to check on Lily’s date plus g/ma & g/dads then can chase up some maternal history links on the Halliwell tree & the Edwards/Halliwell Tree. Had a chinese takeaway for tea, yes I know I said non fatty teas for rest of the week but I really felt like one & gives P a break. Just been texting Claire. Funny how things seem to run on a certain course for what seems like a long time then suddenly great changes occur that have rippling effects or have drastic effects…good point to finish on methinks


Lets see, what has happened today. Not too bad really. Promised Paula I’d do her roots & did so. Then she did mine. We played about with some craft goodies, organising them yet again! Had a late very naughty tea, 2 eggs chips beans & sausage…ah well no more fat this week!!! Albert has painted the walls of “the room with no name nor real purpose” it looks great. Will look good when carpet is down. The h/s/l needs emulsioning next & the gloss doing on doors & skirting boards. Would be nice to get all the house re carpeted, we will see. A rang Charlotte. Her car wont be ready until beginning of October, such a shame it would have been nice for her to get it today. Paula is sleeping downstairs again, she has trouble “putting the cat out!” I can see him moving in. I wouldn’t mind he brings such pleasure. Never thought I’d say that about a cat! I’m learning to find my treats pleasures & rewards in the most simple everyday things. I don’t know whether it’s a more conscious effort or the meds lifting the mood or my few health scares over last few yrs. Probably a combination if everything. I hope Dr. Ahmed has his brain turned on in the morning, it would help! Now I wonder what I do with this missive & where does it go???