Abundance … of love


Dinner with my dad…

Oh this is easy! If I could eat anything I wanted right now & with whoever I wanted…Sunday morning breakfast of egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms & fried bread…made by my dad before the rest of us went to church. It was my favourite meal, & time of the week. Other days dad had eaten his breakfast & left to go to work, but on Sunday he put Matt Munroe on the stereo, made us all awake to a delicious aroma & a wonderful feeling of…contentment, boy I miss those times!

Music to cheer me…

Simples. as the advert says…anything from my David Essex collection! I first started “listening” to him when I was around 16/17…those days when after homework was done there was always something fun to look forward to. It might have been an evening at the youth club, or a group meeting at someone’s house…even just hanging about in the swing park, or under a lamp post! Yes, us 50 plus year olds did those things once too! And made noise & got moved on. Each of our “gang” seemed to have one LP…there’s a blast from the past…we carried around with us, Elvis, The Stones, The Beatles…I had my latest David single! There was always moans from the boys when I wanted to play him, but I think they were just jealous as he was just SO gorgeous!

Last August I travelled down to London to see him in All The Fun Of The Fair…he can still sing & he looks his age, don’t we all, but he is still gorgeous! His songs take me back to a very happy time in my life, before it started to get serious, cost money, throw problem after problem at you…so when I feel a little low, down, worried, a few tracks in the car or on my lap top take my head back to that wonderful time! Thank you David! X

What would I tell myself 10yrs ago…

Well let me think…I’d have been 47, seemed rather old at the time! Doesn’t now…! I was just changing job paths, same profession but a sideways move. Looking back I would have had a long chat with myself about being “persuaded”…pushed…into an area I didn’t feel comfortable in. I should have stood up for myself & said, no…I don’t want to move there just because someone else wants a change, ask someone else. I’ve kicked myself ever since for not being strong enough to fight my corner.

I had two years of dreading going to work each day before, fortunately, I was asked to take a new position within the same establishment. I’d gone to part time because I hated the previous job so much, so this meant back to full time, more money & for the 4 years the job ran for I loved every minute of it. Unfortunately as that job came to an end I had to return to my previous position…I lasted for a few weeks then was so ill I couldn’t carry on. I finally ended up losing my job & eventually having to take early retirement. Although I had enjoyed the 4 year position I often wonder what way life would have gone if I’d had the “guts” to stand up for myself, & not be the one that moved, because, I have to face it, I was too much of a yes”man”…uhm, very thought provoking topic that; I wonder…….

The Bonus!

The bonus solved many hours of consideration! When you consider yourself to be about medium in all areas, the chance to be both highly intelligent & extremely good looking is just too good to miss! I see a flaw in not being able to be both at once…that way you could decide what you’d like to be for ever more, that I suppose is why the bonus was added, very clever idea!

On the whole, I think I’d go for being highly intelligent, then use the money I would make being so to pay to look as I wanted to! Liked this topic…

Could I live without the internet?

In one word…NO! Modern life expects that each one of us has at least access to the internet. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have it at home, then you will have to have it at work…I can remember my mum ringing up the gas board once with a problem…they couldn’t deal with it because, yup, the computers were down! I heard her saying, why don’t you write it on a pad & sort it out later! I was so shocked at her comment! I felt like hiding…now, quite a few years later at the grand old age of 57 I have heard myself, more than once, saying to various people, “Oh can’t you write it down & enter it on the system when it is up & running?”…times have REALLY changed!

I doubt my mum could deal with the useage of the internet in the 21st century, she found paying by cheque strange…never had a cheque book! She went to the post office to pay her bills, & that was a step up from going to gas/electric/rates etc buildings to pay her bills, with, wait for it…CASH! That’s money you can touch! Amazing!

We’ve been to Tesco today, paid using a debit card…all through the internet in some way or other I presume…but I asked for cash, needed some for nephews birthday to put in his card. I could have got him some kind of token, back to computers & internet again! But wasn’t sure what he would like, so cash it was. I must go & check the bank balance now, on the internet of course…proving my first point!!!