Could I live without the internet?

In one word…NO! Modern life expects that each one of us has at least access to the internet. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have it at home, then you will have to have it at work…I can remember my mum ringing up the gas board once with a problem…they couldn’t deal with it because, yup, the computers were down! I heard her saying, why don’t you write it on a pad & sort it out later! I was so shocked at her comment! I felt like hiding…now, quite a few years later at the grand old age of 57 I have heard myself, more than once, saying to various people, “Oh can’t you write it down & enter it on the system when it is up & running?”…times have REALLY changed!

I doubt my mum could deal with the useage of the internet in the 21st century, she found paying by cheque strange…never had a cheque book! She went to the post office to pay her bills, & that was a step up from going to gas/electric/rates etc buildings to pay her bills, with, wait for it…CASH! That’s money you can touch! Amazing!

We’ve been to Tesco today, paid using a debit card…all through the internet in some way or other I presume…but I asked for cash, needed some for nephews birthday to put in his card. I could have got him some kind of token, back to computers & internet again! But wasn’t sure what he would like, so cash it was. I must go & check the bank balance now, on the internet of course…proving my first point!!!


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