What would I tell myself 10yrs ago…

Well let me think…I’d have been 47, seemed rather old at the time! Doesn’t now…! I was just changing job paths, same profession but a sideways move. Looking back I would have had a long chat with myself about being “persuaded”…pushed…into an area I didn’t feel comfortable in. I should have stood up for myself & said, no…I don’t want to move there just because someone else wants a change, ask someone else. I’ve kicked myself ever since for not being strong enough to fight my corner.

I had two years of dreading going to work each day before, fortunately, I was asked to take a new position within the same establishment. I’d gone to part time because I hated the previous job so much, so this meant back to full time, more money & for the 4 years the job ran for I loved every minute of it. Unfortunately as that job came to an end I had to return to my previous position…I lasted for a few weeks then was so ill I couldn’t carry on. I finally ended up losing my job & eventually having to take early retirement. Although I had enjoyed the 4 year position I often wonder what way life would have gone if I’d had the “guts” to stand up for myself, & not be the one that moved, because, I have to face it, I was too much of a yes”man”…uhm, very thought provoking topic that; I wonder…….


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