Music to cheer me…

Simples. as the advert says…anything from my David Essex collection! I first started “listening” to him when I was around 16/17…those days when after homework was done there was always something fun to look forward to. It might have been an evening at the youth club, or a group meeting at someone’s house…even just hanging about in the swing park, or under a lamp post! Yes, us 50 plus year olds did those things once too! And made noise & got moved on. Each of our “gang” seemed to have one LP…there’s a blast from the past…we carried around with us, Elvis, The Stones, The Beatles…I had my latest David single! There was always moans from the boys when I wanted to play him, but I think they were just jealous as he was just SO gorgeous!

Last August I travelled down to London to see him in All The Fun Of The Fair…he can still sing & he looks his age, don’t we all, but he is still gorgeous! His songs take me back to a very happy time in my life, before it started to get serious, cost money, throw problem after problem at you…so when I feel a little low, down, worried, a few tracks in the car or on my lap top take my head back to that wonderful time! Thank you David! X


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