Daily post … Another week gone!

Think I’ll change my purple hue…had a GREAT day! Went on the Haunted Underworld Tour, under the streets of Deansgate & area. Jonathan who did todays tour & last weeks, is excellent…I wonder if he is or has been teacher/lecturer he has the gift for it anyway! Wish I’d had his presence, though saying that he has a group of folk there who have paid to go, not MADE to go! Went up LOADS of stairs…top of the world ma! It always makes me wonder how, when we do these things, how little time we spend on our own door steps, yet fly half way round the world & expect to see EVERYTHING! Must make many more trips to M/cr, just to walk round…then how about Rochdale? So a photo of today’s outing? I think so…


Daily post … Saturday so soon!

I don’t lead an exciting life by anyone’s standards, but the working week just flies by, when you’re not working that is! Been naughty this week, bought lots off QVC…but Xmas shopping almost done!

Been playing with the panasonic fx45 today…other than a few bells & whistles I don’t need it seems fine. Will take it on our Ghostly Tunnels Tour tomorrow to test it…actually looking forward to some snow to see how it performs!

Think I’ll pack up & go to bed…shower, hair, make up etc tomorrow for our tour!

Daily post … SMACK!!!

Ooops…let the writing slip this week! Smack on the back of my hand for me! Yesterday I don’t think I went out…what a memory! Tidied my room, got some see through drawers, much better.

Today we went back to the range to get the back massager, yup, sold out! But we were offered the demo one with 10% off, not bad considering it was £49.99…& the next one up was £79.99!

Oh yes, the fun parts! New micro wave arrived yesterday, all bells & whistles, literally!…seems great. My fave bit is camera number 3 arrived! So, got to try it out now! From what I can see it doesn’t have a few features other had, like ability to take 3D pis, but I can live without that, for now! I’m just really hoping it takes photos as good as the fx48…got those back, along with fuji one’s, in my opinion fx48’s were better.

So we looked on the web & found a panasonic fx45 for about £100 less! Can’t wait to try it! Must sleep, eyes going…………………..


Daily post … Trafford Centre

Had a day out at The Trafford Centre with Paula & my “niece” …1st cousin once removed… Michelle Mustafa. A lovely day, then I come back & realise I’ve been a real FOOL!!! Not saying why, but something I did has upset someone very much. They will never forgive me & I don’t blame them, but I hope, 1 day I can forgive myself! I think it will be a long time coming, I deserve it.

Anyhoo…photo of today at The Trafford Centre? That’s a yes then!

Daily challenge … round up

I was so hyped up last night about my Underground Tunnels Tour…that I forgot Sunday was for a round up of the past week.

Been a good one, done some interesting things taken some nice photos along the way, plus I am getting better at remembering to blog! Like most things once it becomes a habit it is much easier to remember. I don’t even care that probably nobody but me reads them! It’s been good looking back over the last few weeks, reminding me what I’ve done, where I’ve been; it sparks off new ideas for the next event! So far this week it is, making my mind up on the cameras, going to look at a microwave & the best part, meeting Shell for  the first time on Wednesday! Looking forward to that very much. Oh yes, I’ve even got the “thingy” working! I can now transfer VHS toDVD, hooray!!!

Daily post … Who would I like to share a fox hole with

What a great idea after the day I’ve had! We’ve been “underground in M/cr”…really underground! In tunnels beneath the city where once the canal was & the goods railway ran. Our guide explained the building of each magnificant piece of engineering & how they tried to work side by side…& guess what? how money was wasted way back as it is now! Or is it wasted? If things weren’t/aren’t tried how would we ever move on? Sometimes I think we use the measure of money wrongly…anyway, to my point.

Who would I like to share a fox hole with? Down in the tunnels, which were used as air raid shelters during WW2, there is the signature of a man called Eddie Storm 1983. Why was he there? What in the 20th century drove him to living there? I want to know his story! I guess time in a fox hole, or his bay in the tunnel, would teach me a lot! As I turn in for the night, the tunnels I visited today are locked up…but I reckon at least 1 person knows of a way down the security guards haven’t locked! Maybe more! I hope they have a good night…I obviously haven’t got a photo of Eddie, so wish I had! But I have what he left for us…a photo? I think so. Good night Eddie wherever you are xxx

Daily post … I did it!

Well it’s taken me a while to get around to trying it, then it took quite a bit longer to get my head round the…easy wizard!

Eventually A & I got the thingy connected to the lap top & video player. Managed to transfer 2 VHS tapes onto DVD…its going to take a while but I can see deterioration in the tapes now, so best get cracking! Did our Silver Wedding today & Summer Hols in Lanzarote in July 1999.

Going on a tour “under Manchester” tomorrow…hope it’s as good as it sounds!