Daily post … I love wednesdays!

Always loved Wednesday…the elbow of the working week. 2 gone, 2 to go then w/end. Yrs ago it was my husbands half day, we shut the shop & I taught in the mornings…I shall say no more. After we had picked our daughters up from school we usually went somewhere. Years before that, it was my dad’s half day. He picked me up from school, in a car…woooh!

These days they are so different yet still so much fun! I have loved, & I mean loved, David Essex since I was about 14/15. I now belong to 1 of his fan clubs; something I would once have laughed at…but time changes you. David however doesn’t seem to have changed. OK, he’s now in a soap. I LOVE soaps! He has in my opinion shown his acting abilities & given us girls some eye candy…I know,  he’s 64, I’m 58…uhm, just the right age! He’s aged, God, how I have aged, but we are both taking the natural process. I’m not daft, like me he probably uses lotions & potions…but I don’t see a face lift. Anyway, every Weds at 8pm there is a radio show on rwsfm…Bury St. Edmunds way. The David Essex Number 1 Club Forever has kind of highjacked the show! They play our David requests, plus lots of other good oldies, read our fb msgs, ans our calls or ring you back…got a call from Neil last week,  I’m thinking, who? So, every Wednesday this v middle aged woman, loses herself in music from rwsfm, & logs on to fb to banter with like minded folk…I love Wednesdays! I love David Essex!!! Forever & a day, as he would say!!! A photo of David? Oh YES!!!


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