Daily post … Done it again!

Yup, did it again! Forgot to write about my day last night. My excuse, we had been out all day at Hollingworth Lake, testing out the cameras. It was one of those beautiful days September sometimes gives you…sunny, warm, just right for taking pics & boy did we! We walked around trying to take the same photos on both cameras to compare them. Then we did something we haven’t done in so many years, we bought fish & chips & sat on a bench outside to eat it. Boy oh boy was the long wait worth waiting for!

Delicious doesn’t cover it!…then we carried on with our walk & photo shoot. We stopped off at the cafe near the sensory garden for a cuppa, then made our way back to the car, taking pictures in the changing light.

I wore a pair of those shoes that are supposed to help tone your legs & bum…by the time we reached a shop called The Range, Paula wanted to have a look at, I was feeling muscles I didn’t know I had! It’s a good shop, lots to look at & so much craft stuff Paula was like a child!

We, of course, spent far too much money, but what do you do when you see a bargain & it’s something you’ve been looking for! Then it was home James. We were still all very full from the fish & chips so we had a drink…or two, then had a butty for supper. What a SUPER day! A picture of the lake? I think so!


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