Daily post … Busy day

How did I ever find time to go to work?! Mind you I did get up a FEW hrs earlier! Had one of those days when you spend hrs getting “little” jobs done, that take FOREVER! Pick up prescriptions, drop in at chemist, go to Tesco whilst our chemist makes up pres (yes I KNOW Tesco do them, but our ususal one has all our prescriptions/pre payment cards on pc)…so, walk around Tesco for an hour, make a show of myself trying to print out some photos from yesterday…every time the machine gave me an instruction the tannoy came on!

Anyway, got that sorted, got some bits & pieces…then down came the rain! Thank goodness we went out yesterday! Dropped some post off at Charlotte’s, slow drive back, it’s Friday! Rush hr is all day! Picked up the meds…got home about 3 hrs ltr!!!! Just a few chores then. Like I said, how did I find time to go to work? Looks like the rain is here to stay for a few days…so a sunny photo today I think? That’s a yes then!


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