Daily post … Who would I like to share a fox hole with

What a great idea after the day I’ve had! We’ve been “underground in M/cr”…really underground! In tunnels beneath the city where once the canal was & the goods railway ran. Our guide explained the building of each magnificant piece of engineering & how they tried to work side by side…& guess what? how money was wasted way back as it is now! Or is it wasted? If things weren’t/aren’t tried how would we ever move on? Sometimes I think we use the measure of money wrongly…anyway, to my point.

Who would I like to share a fox hole with? Down in the tunnels, which were used as air raid shelters during WW2, there is the signature of a man called Eddie Storm 1983. Why was he there? What in the 20th century drove him to living there? I want to know his story! I guess time in a fox hole, or his bay in the tunnel, would teach me a lot! As I turn in for the night, the tunnels I visited today are locked up…but I reckon at least 1 person knows of a way down the security guards haven’t locked! Maybe more! I hope they have a good night…I obviously haven’t got a photo of Eddie, so wish I had! But I have what he left for us…a photo? I think so. Good night Eddie wherever you are xxx


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