Daily post … SMACK!!!

Ooops…let the writing slip this week! Smack on the back of my hand for me! Yesterday I don’t think I went out…what a memory! Tidied my room, got some see through drawers, much better.

Today we went back to the range to get the back massager, yup, sold out! But we were offered the demo one with 10% off, not bad considering it was £49.99…& the next one up was £79.99!

Oh yes, the fun parts! New micro wave arrived yesterday, all bells & whistles, literally!…seems great. My fave bit is camera number 3 arrived! So, got to try it out now! From what I can see it doesn’t have a few features other had, like ability to take 3D pis, but I can live without that, for now! I’m just really hoping it takes photos as good as the fx48…got those back, along with fuji one’s, in my opinion fx48’s were better.

So we looked on the web & found a panasonic fx45 for about £100 less! Can’t wait to try it! Must sleep, eyes going…………………..



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