Daily posts … Saturday 29/11/11

Really not doing well with my daily posts am I! Sunday was BRILLIANT! Stanley & Joyce haven’t changed, still as lovely as ever! I’m so glad I invited Wilf & Carol! Wilf & Stanley have never met & we all got on so well! Paila’s buffet was, as always, fabulous…everyone seemed to enjoy it. A got a little tipsy, I can’t do that when socialising, have to stay in control. So, a good day had by all.

Nice surprise the other day; Michelle started a Family Christmas Get Together event…to date, there’s 23 said they are going! Even Charlotte & Stephen which really pleased me, & surprised me! It should be a really good pre Christmas “do”!

Other than that I’ve not done much, had back ache since Sunday. P & I went to a Halloween night at the Macdonald Hotel, Manchester. It was good. P got some products & we had nibbles & a drink; so all in all not a bad week! A photo? Of course!


Daily (ha!) posts…rest of week

Well what can I say?… the week has just flown by! that’s what happens I guess when you go to bed at 2 or 3 am & awake at 11am! I don’t care, no one to answer too any more. Thursday…P & I went to Hobby Craft in Stockport, & picked up the living social flowers I’d ordered months ago…were just right for this Sunday!

Really looking forward to meeting up with Stanley & Joyce again! And Wilf & Carol of course! My two favourite cousins, both together! Wonderful!!!

Went to see Godspell with Paula last night…we picked up our tickets then went across the road to a pizzeria for a meal & drink. The meal was fantastic, the wine wonderful & the show great! What more could you ask for!

Charlotte came today, her car was being serviced. I really wish I could go out with her like I do with Paula…all four of us would be super! Oh I miss the days when they were younger & we had days out…always reminding them to thank Daddy for a nice day, as he drove (I did the entertaining!) just as my Mummy always reminded Marie & I to thank Daddy after our days out. Ah, good memories! Mind you, Charlotte had a lot of 1 to 1 time with me as a child…she didn’t mix very well she was so very shy. so I guess it equals out & after all equality is a paradox! I need a photo, can’t think of a suitable one…will go on the hunt!


Daily posts … Wednesday!

Where did the week go?! How I ever found time to go to work, I’ll never know! The pace my life runs at now suits me…Martin was obviously correct, I have no stamina…but I always knew that, so good for me lasting as long as I did! Had a cut & blow yesterday, today P & I went to the M&S food store at M/cr fort. She is a gem! Knows exactly what to get for a buffet. So, we now have a list & will pop in that store on Friday, before we go & see Godspell…looking forward to it!

Also looking forward to Sunday & seeing Stanley & Joyce…& Wilf & Carol! I really hope they don’t mind the surprise; but time is moving on & we need to take any opportunity to get together as a family.

Which reminds me…had to put A’s Xmas present into use today, got him a scanner which I hope to use on Sunday if S & J & W have photos…must ring them. A photo for today? I think so…since we’re talking family history…my daddy with Paula I think.

Daily posts … Sunday!

Today it really is Sunday! Well it was when I wrote last nights in reality…but I admit to thinking it was Sunday night!!! Been lazy as per usual today, managed to vac my bedroom! Spent rest of the day writing notes on the Family Tree. Not sure what I’m doing with them yet, but enjoying doing it. Should have gone out today…the weather was lovely & Autumn photos beckon. I think one from last year will have to do for now? Yes, I agree!

Daily posts … Round up!

Wow! Sunday again! Been very bad this week, not keeping up with my posts. Felt really bad with IBS for few days, then got over that & had flu jab Tues; made me feel rotten next day, but felt well enough to go & meet Michelle & her mum, my cousin Carole, on Thursday. I had a great time! Never met Carole before but she was so easy to get along with, just like Michelle. We had a bottle of proseco at the champagne bar, lunch at TGI’s & did lots of window shopping! I had to call it a day by 6pm, was very tired. Hope we do it again, probably after Xmas now…it really did me good!

I must ring the Heaton Park Beefeater & see if we can get the conference room some time before Xmas, try & arrange a get together.

Had a nice surprise yesterday! Stanley Maude rang! We weren’t up when he rang so A rang back later. They are coming up here next week, going to one of Stanley’s Maude cousins funeral. They have decided to stay over here for a few days & Joyce asked if they could come & see us. I’ve asked them to tea & A has suggested inviting Wilf & Carol & doing a buffet tea…sounds like a plan! A photo of us all at the Trafford Centre? I think so!

Daily post … Not well!

I have a good reason for missing last night, I felt poorly! Not felt much better today…tummy off the boil. So spent the day resting & sleeping, shame, nice sunny day! Hope I feel better tomorrow I need a walk. Camera case still not arrived…give it until Monday. Got to pick up the fairy cakes tomorrow! Another reason to feel well. Also, must ring living social re the dock…waited long enough. Also, check if I can pick up Godspell tickets before the day, or check time box office opens. Better print this, it is more like a to do list!

Daily post … Where does time go?

I’ve missed nights of writing! What have I been doing? Someone tell me because I have no idea!!!

Paula & I took Marie out for tea last night, 4th Oct. We wemt to Ben & Jerry’s…or is that the ice cream? She seemed to enjoy herself anyway.

When we got home the guilt & sorrow hit me…I don’t know why but it always happens! I think it’s a feeling of uselessness. I also feel like this about P’s problems & even Charlie texting me that she has a cold! I HATE not being able to DO something to help! Give me an emergency & I’m up & running, little things, or things I have NO control over…boo hoo! Missing talking to Don, enjoyed our chats.

I really can’t remember doing anything more the last few days, time for a visit to T K Max…looking firward to meeting up with Michelle again next Thursday this time with her mum! It will be the first time I’ve met Carole; I’m sure she is lovely because her daughter is. Think I’ll go & see of fb is behaving itself!!!