Daily post … Where does time go?

I’ve missed nights of writing! What have I been doing? Someone tell me because I have no idea!!!

Paula & I took Marie out for tea last night, 4th Oct. We wemt to Ben & Jerry’s…or is that the ice cream? She seemed to enjoy herself anyway.

When we got home the guilt & sorrow hit me…I don’t know why but it always happens! I think it’s a feeling of uselessness. I also feel like this about P’s problems & even Charlie texting me that she has a cold! I HATE not being able to DO something to help! Give me an emergency & I’m up & running, little things, or things I have NO control over…boo hoo! Missing talking to Don, enjoyed our chats.

I really can’t remember doing anything more the last few days, time for a visit to T K Max…looking firward to meeting up with Michelle again next Thursday this time with her mum! It will be the first time I’ve met Carole; I’m sure she is lovely because her daughter is. Think I’ll go & see of fb is behaving itself!!!


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