Daily post … Where has the week gone?!

I can’t believe its Friday…I can’t believe I’ve missed 4 nights of blogging!!! And the worse thing is…I can’t remember what I’ve done! My memory is SO bad it’s ridiculous @ 58!

I know we went to Salford Quays on either Monday or Tuesday. Went for a nice walk along the canal, stopped for a coffee at Costa Coffee, shared a v v V nice piece of carrrot cake too! Picked up some leggings & undies, good prices. Also went into Middleton to do some chores, on a day I can’t remember! We were going to see the lights this week but yesterday I wasn’t up to it, & today being Friday we thought it would be 2 busy. So, this afternoon we went for a very nice walk along the canal, the opposite way to normal…heading for The Ship Inn! I had a bicardi & coke…good god, can’t remember last time I had an alcoholic drink in a pub during the day!!!

Had a really good time, good company, lots to see, some great photos & above all, peace & quiet! It took us about 10 mins to get ready to go out & within 5 mins we were on the canal! Could have driven for hrs & not seen anything better! Middleton is OK! Just bring the sea a bit closer!!! Photo? I think so!


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