Daily posts … Round up!

Wow! Sunday again! Been very bad this week, not keeping up with my posts. Felt really bad with IBS for few days, then got over that & had flu jab Tues; made me feel rotten next day, but felt well enough to go & meet Michelle & her mum, my cousin Carole, on Thursday. I had a great time! Never met Carole before but she was so easy to get along with, just like Michelle. We had a bottle of proseco at the champagne bar, lunch at TGI’s & did lots of window shopping! I had to call it a day by 6pm, was very tired. Hope we do it again, probably after Xmas now…it really did me good!

I must ring the Heaton Park Beefeater & see if we can get the conference room some time before Xmas, try & arrange a get together.

Had a nice surprise yesterday! Stanley Maude rang! We weren’t up when he rang so A rang back later. They are coming up here next week, going to one of Stanley’s Maude cousins funeral. They have decided to stay over here for a few days & Joyce asked if they could come & see us. I’ve asked them to tea & A has suggested inviting Wilf & Carol & doing a buffet tea…sounds like a plan! A photo of us all at the Trafford Centre? I think so!


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