Daily posts … Wednesday!

Where did the week go?! How I ever found time to go to work, I’ll never know! The pace my life runs at now suits me…Martin was obviously correct, I have no stamina…but I always knew that, so good for me lasting as long as I did! Had a cut & blow yesterday, today P & I went to the M&S food store at M/cr fort. She is a gem! Knows exactly what to get for a buffet. So, we now have a list & will pop in that store on Friday, before we go & see Godspell…looking forward to it!

Also looking forward to Sunday & seeing Stanley & Joyce…& Wilf & Carol! I really hope they don’t mind the surprise; but time is moving on & we need to take any opportunity to get together as a family.

Which reminds me…had to put A’s Xmas present into use today, got him a scanner which I hope to use on Sunday if S & J & W have photos…must ring them. A photo for today? I think so…since we’re talking family history…my daddy with Paula I think.


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