Daily (ha!) posts…rest of week

Well what can I say?… the week has just flown by! that’s what happens I guess when you go to bed at 2 or 3 am & awake at 11am! I don’t care, no one to answer too any more. Thursday…P & I went to Hobby Craft in Stockport, & picked up the living social flowers I’d ordered months ago…were just right for this Sunday!

Really looking forward to meeting up with Stanley & Joyce again! And Wilf & Carol of course! My two favourite cousins, both together! Wonderful!!!

Went to see Godspell with Paula last night…we picked up our tickets then went across the road to a pizzeria for a meal & drink. The meal was fantastic, the wine wonderful & the show great! What more could you ask for!

Charlotte came today, her car was being serviced. I really wish I could go out with her like I do with Paula…all four of us would be super! Oh I miss the days when they were younger & we had days out…always reminding them to thank Daddy for a nice day, as he drove (I did the entertaining!) just as my Mummy always reminded Marie & I to thank Daddy after our days out. Ah, good memories! Mind you, Charlotte had a lot of 1 to 1 time with me as a child…she didn’t mix very well she was so very shy. so I guess it equals out & after all equality is a paradox! I need a photo, can’t think of a suitable one…will go on the hunt!



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