The Nursery

Stephen has painted an awesome mural in the nursery, talk about hidden talents! Oh to be blessed with the ability to create such wonder. If you look at two families you realise what a mixture of talents a child could inherit…the onus is upon the parents to nurture any gift by encouragement & opportunity.

Holly’s Mummy never wanted to try anything when she was young, whereas her Auntie Paula was fearless! She had swimming lessons, ballet lessons, joined the brownies (if only for six weeks!) attended summer play schemes & loved play group. Charlotte liked to be at home with her mummy…I think I should have tried harder to get her to discover things; I’m grateful for my own Mum’s insistence that I went to piano lessons, something I’d like to resume an interest in.

However, I did what I thought was right at the time & Charlotte has grown up to be a very self-sufficient young lady, whilst Paula is a home bird, my how things change!

I hope Holly is a mix of the both of them, with her Daddy’s talent for art plus her Grandma’s need to learn more & do better at the things she can do. And then there are the traits from Stephen’s parents I do not know about…what a wonderful journey we are all soon to take, I can’t wait!!!


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