Saturday 12th May 2012

Why the date as a title? Because every day waiting for Holly’s birth feels like a date in all its glory! We now have to wait until Charlotte’s next visit with her mid-wife on Wednesday 16th May 2012: there’s that full date again! Then something called a membrane scan will be done to try to start labour…I have no idea what it is! I will google it later.

After that, we play the waiting game. If the membrane scan doesn’t work it seems they leave you to go twelve days over your due date now, not two weeks, twelve days! I thought it was ten days, then I worked out that was a Saturday so may be they add the two on at weekend!

Whatever the reason, we have to be patient for a little while longer! I only hope I get to see her as soon after she is born as possible. I would love to be at her birth but know my daughter well enough to know it’s not what she’d want! I think they plan to enjoy it as a couple, meeting

And so to bed…

 their first-born together…as it probably should be. My job is to wait a few steps back, wait to be invited in yet also make it clear that I’m here if needed & have lots of knowledge to pass on! I must be a good mum…just look at my two daughters!!!


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